If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

- Zig Ziglar

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FREE analysis of current retirement funding accounts, and FREE copy of my book!

If you are putting money away in a 401k, IRA, Pension plan, 702j  or any other program and using Stocks, Bonds or Mutual funds you need to know the true cost of each program, based on fees, growth and taxes associated with each.

In June of 2017, I became one of only a few professionals in the valley to have access to leading retirement analysis software from an independent company owned by an Actuary and  former President of major life Insurance company.  This software allows me to give my clients a completely unbiased evaluation of all the cost associated with their retirement programs.

This  four page document is your road map to a financial safe retirement.

As a long time resident of Fresno I have been in the Life insurance profession since 1980. Starting as an Agent for New York Life, having my own general agency, before spending 10 years in the corporate office of Transamerica Life Companies. After retirement, a few heart surgeries I moved back to  Fresno to work as Independent Agent representing several companies. This allows me to work exclusively for the best interest of my clients' needs.

It also gives me time to write books and to speak to groups on life lessons and to live life to the fullest regardless of their age.

As a bonus, for meeting with me and getting the  detailed retirement report mentioned  above you will get a free copy of my book "Beating Taxes & Cheating Death.”

Please contact me for no obligation interview in your office or home either by email or phone  listed on the panel to the right. I’ll bring the bonus with me. 

Time each day is divided between helping clients with financial and retirement planning, promoting my books on how to live an impactful life at any age, and speaking to groups on subjects from my books. 

Recently I learned of a new program that helps my financial clients understand the real cost of retirement programs and products they are either using or thinking of using. The great resource is only available to a few professionals who pay a fee to access the software system, that does all the math. For example, I can get a report to you, at no cost, which will compare the net cost, after fees and taxes of all the different products used for retirement income. Your report will compare products like stocks and bonds, Mutual funds, Annuities, all forms of  Life Insurance.

For the free consultation and report contact me by email or phone.

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Free analysis of current retirement funding accounts, and Free copy of my book.

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Beating Taxes & Cheating Death Insider Information on Life Insurance

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