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- Zig Ziglar

Big Valley Windows

Big Valley Windows is located in Fresno, California and serves the entire San Joaquin Valley.  In addition to being experienced experts in new and remodel windows and doors, they are also a licensed general contractor for the HERO and P.A.C.E. programs through the State of California.

In addition to being one of the recognized top professionals in their industry, Doug and Debbie Warring, the owners, are also very community minded and involved in activities throughout the area.


Big Valley has quickly become the leading installers of energy efficient windows for Central California. Whether you are in Bakersfield or the Tehachapi’s or all the way north to Modesto, Big Valley is ready to deliver the best product at the best savings for your business or home. 
We understand quality when it comes to windows and window technology. You can be rest assured that Big Valley can handle any installation job residential or commercial. Big Valley and has met and surpassed every expectation of the high and stringent policies in place to protect our renowned reputation as an industry leader. 

What makes our Windows superior:

Simply, there is no other company that knows more about windows. Our selection of styles, color and hardware options, along with industry leading energy efficiency have made our windows "the choice" of home owners and businesses across the nation. 
Big Valley puts extreme value, setting them apart from our competition, in their customer feedback. Our consumers are well-informed by our presentation team and Big Valley delivers the latest in innovation and design - at very reasonable prices. 

Big Valley Windows - Premier Business Member

Big Valley Windows

Category: Home Improvements

Big Valley has quickly become the leading installers  of energy efficient windows and other home improvement products for Central California.

Big Valley Windows

Phone: (559) 348-290

Hero Program Overview

HERO is the #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States. HERO partners with local governments to make energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products more affordable for homeowners.

Energy Star estimates that replacing existing windows with energy efficient windows can save between 7-15% on energy bills. For California, Energy Star estimates savings of between $71-$146 per year for a typical home, depending on whether you are replacing double pane or single pane windows.

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