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If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

- Zig Ziglar

Unleash Your Extreme Dream

 Attention, Healers, Therapists, Coaches

Unleash Your Extreme Dream

What if you could successfully launch your dream business tomorrow? Imagine being able to quit your day-job and have the freedom to work with your spiritual gifts whenever you want to.

What if you made a six-figure income (or more) with your God–given gifts and felt safe, secure, sought-after and well-trained for the rest of your life? No more frustration, setbacks and lack of sales or clients. Instead to have the power to systematically make your business grow and profit whenever you put your mind to it.

You can step into this reality today if you wanted to. All you have to do is want to.

Are you good at what you do … but tired of being broke? Are you having trouble getting your dream business off the ground? Do you want to take your service or product to the next level and experience success?

Susan Orosco - Premier Business Member

Susan Orosco, CHt

Category: Business Coach

What if you could successfully launch your dream business tomorrow? Imagine being able to quit your day-job and have the freedom to work with your spiritual gifts whenever you want to.

Susan Orosco

Phone: (626) 255-2659

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Training Packages

    • Cultivating Ideal Client
    • Acquiring ideal Client
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Niche Targeting
    • Bio Design
    • Website Content
    • Facebook Page
    • Linkedin Page
    • Twitter
    • Emotional and Creative Focus
    • Overcoming fear, anxiety and overwhelm
    • One on one coaching
    • And much more

Books authored and co-authored by Susan Orosco

Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong is Gone

Latino Power

8 Ways to Say I Love My Life

Susan Orosco Bio

Susan Orosco is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, an Emotional Freedom Technician (EFT) and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist from Los Angeles.

Susan is especially a Dream Business Coach who has inspired and motivated small business owners throughout California for over 25 years. Clients love her techniques to self-motivate, break through limitations and courageously make their dream-business come true.  

Susan helps healers, therapists, coaches and small business owners who love their service or product; yet, who struggle with getting clients, marketing and making a profit doing what they love. Susan’s coaching program helps her clients feel safe and secure with their income and stable with the future of their profitable Dream Business.

Many clients fall in love with her ability to clear their path to success. With her emotional freedom techniques, she can help clients release negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs that can block them from reaching higher levels of success they ever thought they could. Susan removes blocks.

Results from working with Susan are amazing. Clients learn how to systematically achieve their goals. She teaches a concrete plan on how to plan, focus and gain. Clients learn how to radiate confidence, knowledge and value about their product and their abilities.  

Susan’s has done television and radio for over 10 years. The following are examples of where she has done guest television spots:

Fox Mundo on the Jacqueline Cacho TV Show, Hola L.A. TV Talk Show with Dyana Ortelli – (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Kikey Castillo. Galavision with Danny Gomez.

She had been on radio with Josefa Salinas Los Angeles Hot 923 The Beat, David Cruz on KFI 1150 AM, KPFT in Los Angeles, Jondi Whitis on EFT Radio, New York, Armando F. Sanchez on BlogTalkRadio and over 25 different podcasts.

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